Combat Is Yet Another Skill We’ll Have To Master In Mafia 3

Mafia 3 — Combat

Another gameplay video for Mafia 3 has been released and this one shows off the various forms of combat Mafia 3 will give us

One of the key points in Mafia 3 was of course all of the crazy combat that we’ve seen since the first announcement of the game. It has been showcased many times by Hangar 13 over the last few months and apparently it looks like 2K Games thinks that we may still not fully grasp what we are going to get to do in the game. I know I was pretty set on what Mafia 3 was going to bring us in terms of combat on October 7th here but maybe some of you have missed out so far. That or maybe some of you just want to see some badass combat gameplay. Both works for what we have here.

Below we have the fourth video in the gameplay series for Mafia 3 and this one is, as I mentioned, all about the brutal combat in the game. From stealth, to firearms, to getting in close and dirty; it looks like Lincoln Clay can and will be doing it all. What does look a bit interesting is that there are a few mentions of underground boxing and it looks like we will get to participate in that to some extent. I wonder if it is going to be just a one-time story deal or if we can enter and win as often as we wish. That would be a fun little mini-game added into the mix now wouldn’t it be? I think so.

For now though, have a look at the new gameplay for Mafia 3 and get ready for it to hit the PS4, Xbox One, and PC here next week. Hopefully it will live up to all of the hype and we’ll have another booming franchise on our hands. The Mafia series has been a fun one over the years and I’d love to see it move into other times and areas of the history. Maybe a Vegas one or a really old-school one going all the way back in Italian history. That would be odd and fun wouldn’t it?

Mafia 3 — Combat

Episode 4 of our Mafia 3 gameplay series reveals diverse combat mechanics stemming from Lincoln Clay’s military past.

In the jungles of Vietnam, trained soldier Lincoln Clay relied on an extensive variety of combat tactics to survive and carry out his missions. CIA operative John Donovan understood what Clay was capable of when he returned to New Bordeaux in 1968.

Are you more amped for Mafia 3 now or is all of this just Hangar 13 biding time until the launch? Do you think that the underground boxing is going to be a one-time thing or another mini-game that has yet to be shown off in the wild? If this one does well do you think we’ll get more eras and locations in the future or will this kind of end it all? Let us know what you are thinking and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For more on Mafia 3 you know we’ll have it here for you. Be on the lookout for that right here as 2K Games deems it time to release it all.

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