Clock Tower: Rewind Cuts Us All Up A Bit With New Gameplay

Clock Tower: Rewind — Gameplay

New gameplay for Clock Tower: Rewind is here to show both the classic Clock Tower and new ways to play the game

While we are still waiting on when we will have a full release date for Clock Tower: Rewind on the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC, we are getting a bit of a treat here. That treat being the WayForward has put together some fun new gameplay for us to look at for the game. Gameplay that shows off how the game has evolved and hit the market in a way many would expect. Also, there is a bunch of gameplay to show how we will also be able to play the original Clock Tower if that is the mode we are looking to play in. Of course, that version will also come with some of the quality-of-life updates to make it work on the latest systems, but it will be as close to the original as possible for those who truly want that slice of nostalgia.

I know it is tempting to jump on down to the gameplay for Clock Tower: Rewind, but it does look as if Sunsoft and Limited Run Games has a bit more mixed in here to highlight what the other team has worked on. Some of it is with the motion comics that will help tell the story, more of the voice work that is further bringing the game to life, and also the look at some of the new animations that will give us a better context as to what is going on in the game. All of these are things that the original Clock Tower was missing. Those looking for all of that can spin up the Rewind mode to see all the new stuff while playing the original game. Those who just want the game they have played before can load up the Original mode out there and get just that. Even if that does feel like it defeats the purpose of the remake that all of the teams have been working toward.

Clock Tower: Rewind — Gameplay

Experience one of the pioneers of the survival-horror genre with Clock Tower: Rewind! Translated and released outside of Japan for the first time, Clock Tower: Rewind resurrects the terror-inducing 16-bit classic that dares you to explore the haunting confines of the Barrows family manor. The game features the original graphics, sound, and play mechanics of the game’s 1995 Super Famicom release, and can be enjoyed in either Original mode or Rewind mode, which adds extra content and quality-of-life improvements, along with bonus features such as a new animated intro, opening and ending songs by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Emi Evans, motion comics, art gallery, and more. Coming fall 2024 to Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

I am fully enjoying all of the new visuals we are getting here with Clock Tower: Rewind and I was a massive fan of the game when it dropped the first time. That said, I will most likely not be using the Original mode with this game as it feels like we should let the past be left in our memories and just see where the future takes us. Even if this one is still all the same story and everything we have experienced before, just with the changes to Clock Tower offering up a vastly different way to experience it all. That would be the bigger reason I will be joining in on all of this fun out there. I am not one for nostalgia, but I am one for a new take and spin on a fun and dark story. Let us hope that we are getting more of the new and less of the recycled.

Which version of Clock Tower: Rewind are you going to aim to play? Would you want to see a fully remade version of the game but with the newer and 3D visuals of the modern games? Are you one who will only play the original version of the game and ignore all of the fun little extras that the teams have pumped their hard work into? Head on down to the comments to discuss all of this and everything else that we have to offer up for it. As more for Clock Tower: Rewind creeps on out there, know that we will make sure to get it up on the site as best we can. Please keep checking the site for all of those updates and many more.

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