Classic PS1 J-RPG Suikoden Hits PSN

Finally Sony puts out a good Classic PS1 game onto the Playstation
Store. As of Monday, December 12th, you can now download the classic
J-RPG, Suikoden. Suikoden is a standout title that all J-RPG fans must
play. Now it’s readily available for PS3 owners, and if you have a PSP
as well, you can freely transfer the game to your PSP for play on the

Suikoden 1 is rare title that you would have to pay from
$40 to $75 depending on the condition and if it is complete or not.
Brand new, the game can run you over $200. Now you can get this
wonderful gem for only $5.99.

Hopefully with Suikoden 1 now on
the Playstation Store, we will see the even more popular and sought
after sequel, and other classic RPGs popping up in the future. So get
on your PS3s and check out one of the best RPGs out there to date.

Thanks to Pwned Member I-Weapon-X for the tip.

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