All Female Amateur and Pro Gaming Tournament! is a website for females who like video games, anime, cosplay, skateboarding, cars, art, and fashion. It is a new website already filled with cool people who want to do fun and interesting things with the community. They are supported at the moment by mostly gamers, so is hosting their first All Girl Gaming tournament. A way to bring the female gaming community closer together.

The ChiXamungUS All Girl Gaming Tournament will be held online and the games to be competed in will be voted on by the players themselves. Here are some games that are up for votes:

Halo 3
Call of Duty 4
Guitar Hero 3
Dead or Alive 4
Virtua Fighter 5
Rainbow 6 Vegas 2
Counterstrike: Source
Gears of War
World of Warcraft
Unreal Tournament 3

The top 4 games chosen will be the Tournaments competing games. Not only do you get to choose the game you want to compete in, you also can choose your difficulty. knows that not all girls are amazing at games, but also knows that some girls ARE. They have decided to hold a Novice and Pro competitions.

“I’ve decided to have a Novice tournament and a Pro tournament. This way everyone will be able to have fun and not worry about “Not being good enough” to compete. I’m really doing this because I want females to see how fun competitive gaming is, and by presenting it in a fun way, and not a serious hardcore way, I’m hoping that this will get more girls into competitive gaming!” -Tunesha (xCHICKAMUNGUSx)

The rules for the tournament will also be decided upon by the community. is stressing that their tournament is NOT MLG.

“So if the girls want to play with all the regular equipment on the map, then they can. Also if the Pro girls want to play with the strict rules of hardcore tournament settings, then WE WILL DO WHAT THE COMMUNITY FEELS BEST DOING! I’m not a strict Admin.” -Tunesha

The tournament will have a date when the games are decided on and once they have enough girls to compete. As of right now the games are FFA, but if they get enough girls, teams are allowed, which means if clans want to join up, they will be allowed.

Prizes will be awarded, but has not announced their top prize yet. If you want more information please go to the ChiXamungUS tournament information thread here.

So, if your a female gamer and you want to know what its like to compete, this tournament is perfect for you.

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