Check Out Some New Dominating Battlefield 1 Gameplay

Battlefield 1 — Domination

Some new gameplay for Battlefield 1 has been released out of the closed alpha for Battlefield 1 and it shows off the Domination mode of the game

If you have been pining for some new Battlefield 1 gameplay footage and have yet to have had personal access to the closed alpha for the game, then you are in luck. Of course some players out at E3 had the chance to play the game and DICE have given us all a closed beta. It also looks like EA hasn’t been too stingy on allowing others to post gameplay of Battlefield 1 online. That is where all the good news comes in as now we have a lot more gameplay to look upon well before the October 21st release date on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

This may be old news for those closely following along everything Battlefield 1 but for the rest of you out there looking for new footage here we go with a whole match of Domination mode in the multiplayer side of the game. You can either watch along or start waving the banners of love or hate now. That doesn’t change the fact that we have a whole lot of new footage flowing out from all of the usual suspects. Have a look and hopefully enjoy what there is to see for the game so far.

Battlefield 1 — Domination

I know I am a bit lost between the visuals we saw that were in-game for Battlefield 1 during the announcement and what we have to see here. I know this is all a closed alpha of the game but you’d think that the textures and objects in the background would look closer to what was claimed as in-game before. I’ll admit that the ground looks on par but the houses and buildings look insanely low res or poly for all of this. Of course this is a closed alpha so the final build of Battlefield 1 should have what we expect but it just isn’t looking that way for now. I guess this is all about the mechanics and not the looks.

What are your thoughts on the Battlefield 1 Domination mode we had to look at here? Do you agree on the visuals as I do or are you going to err on the alpha side of things here? Are you part of the closed alpha and could care less about what other outlets have been posting for all to see? Let us know in the comments and feel free to discuss. For more on Battlefield 1 in all aspects be sure to stay right here to get your updates. We’re going to bring you it all.

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