Castlevania & Pac-Man = COMING TO A SCREEN

Variety has news that Castlevania & Pac-Man are set in stone to be made as “movies” for you and me to see while sucking down a drink and popcorn.  Will the movies suck is a big question many will have.  “Castlevania,” a co-production with Universal’s Rogue Pictures. Project, based on the Konami vidgame, is written by Paul Anderson (“Resident Evil”) and directed by Sylvain White (“Stomp the Yard”).  Other titles in the Grosvenor Park-funded
slate include an adaptation of Richard Branson’s memoir “Losing My
Virginity,” a bigscreen adaptation of vidgame “Pac-Man” and a sequel to
John Woo’s actioner “Hard Boiled”; company also controls the rights to
Brad Thor’s bestselling novels.

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