Castlevania Judgement Coming to the Wii

After 22 fantastic years of the Castlevania series, Konami announced that the latest installment of this series will be out in early 2009.

This new installment will take full advantage fo the Wii controls, you will be able to employ numerous amounts of attacks on your enemies. I would imagine the controls would be similar to Zelda, where you use both the Nunchuck and the Wiimote. Where other Castlevania installments have fallen short, this title is going to break the boundries and let the player interact with the surroundings, which of course, will be used to destroy the minions of Dracula. So after being able to toss and destroy you enemies with weapons, you will also be able to use the monsters in the game and set traps for them 😉

Not only will this game be insanely fun, it will also have a multiplayer option where you are able to battle 1v1 with your friends. Along with the Wi-Fi connectivity, everyone will be able to hook up and play with their DS which will unlock a very surprising bonus.

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