Can The Child Mind Change Some Horrors In Layers Of Fear: Inheritance

Layers Of Fear: Inheritance — Launch Trailer

The launch trailer for Layers Of Fear: Inheritance has been released just before launch and it sounds like we may be able to alter Layers Of Fear through the eyes of a child

Next week we get to head back into the world of Layers Of Fear as the new DLC expansion lands on August 2th for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This would be the bit of story for the game that has won the hearts of many for Bloober Team where we get to take on the role of the deranged artist’s daughter and head back into the house. At least that is the story for Layers Of Fear: Inheritance as the original story was just us playing through as the artist himself and trying to make heads and tails of what was going on. Something that Aspyr Media has to be glad worked out well as now we have more story to expand it all again.

What sounds interesting here for Layers Of Fear: Inheritance is that we may be getting a new way to interact with the game world. Of course there was mention of a flashlight before but this new trailer kind of sounds like we may be able to alter things via the kid’s crayons in the game. I may just be reading into the dialog here a bit more as that would be a vast alteration to the Layers Of Fear gameplay just for a small expansion but I guess it can fall more in the hope side of things. I guess I’ll err on hopes for now and just wait to see what we are actually going to get here in the game.

Layers Of Fear: Inheritance — Launch Trailer

What drives us? What makes us do all the things that we question minutes later? Is it guilt? Curiosity? Anger? Whatever the reason drove me to my old family house, I’m here now; did you miss me, father?

What do you think about what we may be getting in Layers Of Fear: Inheritance here? Do you think that we will get some kind of huge gameplay change or is it just wishful thinking on my part? If we did get a way to alter the game would as thought how in-depth do you think it could be? Let us know and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For more on Layers Of Fear: Inheritance as it all comes out be sure to stay right here as we will try to bring you everything that we can as it all comes out. Hopefully this will warrant more DLC for the IP.

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