Bungie countdown is over. New Halo 3 teaser trailer is here

The Bungie countdown has ended, and with it releases a new teaser trailer.  Set in a futuristic city, you are looking through a camera at various areas when pods drop from the sky.  When the cameras are brought back online, you see destruction and damage everywhere. Cut to “Halo 3” and after which the camera itself is hit by a pod, and the video cuts to “Prepare To Drop”.

According to Xbox Live Marketplace description, this appears to be a new Halo 3 Campaign Experience.  Look for more info as it is released.  Video & pictures from the video can be found below.

*UPDATE*  A Joystiq reader found a date hidden within the trailer that
reads “01/06/09”.  Could this be a true release date, or a teaser truly
teasing us. Will update with info in the near futire

Any speculation on what this could be about?  Leave us a comment below!
















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