Brainscan 2.0 (Am I The Only One Who Saw That Film?)

Brainscan 2.0 (Am I The Only One Who Saw That Film?)

Emotiv EPOC™ Needs Beta Tester

So I posted before about how Emotiv was bringing a controller onto the market that used brain waves to control the game. It was in the old news section before you start searching for it. There were a few videos of other reporters using the device to lift in game items or make them vanish. The ultimate Jedi training simulator. Well now it looks like they are ready to push forward with the whole thing and push it into closed beta.

A post not to long ago on their site is asking for people interested to email the company at They are looking for just some basics and not your crazy deep down thoughts to sign up. I assume they will suck those out after you hook the machine up to your head. On top of that, it is only open to those who can make it into the labs in San Francisco, CA. So you are SOL if you don’t live nearby or want to move nearby. None the less, welcome to the Matrix.

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