Bo Jackson Not Included In New Tecmo Bowl Game

While we knew when Tecmo decided to announce Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff for the DS, they couldn’t use the NFL license for teams and players thanks to EA holding the exclusive rights.  But when fans petitioned for everyone’s either favorite or most despised player in Tecmo Bowl history, Bo Jackson, Tecmo came out stating he will not appear in the game, nor any retired players for that matter.  Anyone who played Tecmo Super Bowl knows that Bo Jackson became the game’s standout icon as he was virtually unstoppable, and everyone remembers the fights over who would play as (Does best Chris Berman Interpretation) DA RAIDAHZ!!  Sorry Bo fans, you’re stuck finding an old copy of Tecmo Super Bowl to get your “Bo Knows” fix.

In other news, the game will not be going 3D in it’s new installment, staying true to it’s classic gameplay, particularly the most popluar version of Tecmo Super Bowl.  It will feature 32 teams,  cities and names of the teams will resemble the NFL counterparts.  The game will also feature customization, super abilites, and Wi-Fi/Wireless gameplay.  Read more at the MTV Multiplayer Blog here.

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