Blizzard Authenticator SOLD OUT

Blizzard announced that they would be selling a Blizzard Authenticator a few
weeks ago; the Blizzard Authenticator is a small device that is attached to a
keychain that has a small display that will generate a 6 digit number once you
press a button on it, this number changes every minute. The number is a 1 time
password and cannot be reused so key loggers are useless because of it. Despite
some controversy of players crying out that they shouldn’t have to pay for
extra security, the Authenticators sold out immediately. Your account still has
the same log-in and password, but without the 6 digit number that follows, a
hacker cannot get into your account. The devices are tamper proof, so once
cracked opened they will cease to work.


This security system is used by businesses EVERYWHERE, my mom uses it herself
at work… at least once a week she calls me because she leaves her key chain
at home (which is a 24 digit number) and I have to read it to her over the
phone. It’s a really good system and I’m sure it works… but I feel like
Blizzard isn’t looking into more cost free security for World of Warcraft
accounts (I have one on my mind).


So my opinion? Buy it if you want the extra security, it’s something like
$7, totally worth the money if you don’t want to get key logged.


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