Battlefield 1 Is Going To Have Some Great & Historic Weapons

Battlefield 1 — Weapons

A new video series for Battlefield 1 has begun and the first video covers Battlefield 1’s weapon list and how they were crafted

There has been a lot of Battlefield 1 gameplay out there in the recent months and we’ve seen some good matches come out of the alpha test that is going on. Of course these wouldn’t be that interesting if it wasn’t for some great weapon design from DICE for the game and it would feel out of place if they didn’t feel like they came right out of WWI. Given that Battlefield 1 has a few things to prove and that EA wants it to succeed for specific reasons these points have been hit on the head perfectly and we get to see how. All in a new video series to promote the game and we have the first episode right now.

As you should have figured out by now, the first video in the series here is all about the weapons of Battlefield 1. It has a bit of gameplay mixed in but more or less it is just how the team got together to recreate the sights and sounds that came with these weapons that were created out of need and not innovation. I say it is the same thing but whatever. None the less we get a good look at not only the firearms used during the war but also the melee weapons that were employed too and that can be a bit more brutal in a game like Battlefield 1. None the less they all look awesome.

I’ll let you have at watching the new video for the game. Currently Battlefield 1 is still slated to release on October 21st for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The alpha test and beta tests are still open to join so if you want to give it a try I recommend trying to. If not, then you can just keep waiting for DICE to release another video like this one here to show off more of Battlefield 1‘s gameplay and world along the way. I’m guessing the environments will be next in line.

Battlefield 1 — Weapons

From shotguns to bayonets and gas grenades, find out about the Weapons of Battlefield 1.

What are your thoughts on the weapons of Battlefield 1 that we are going to get? Do you think that they are going to be that different game mechanic-wise or will they just be fancy skins of similar guns we all know and play today? Do video like this truly interest you more in the game or is this something you generally skip? Let us know and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For more on Battlefield 1 in all of its forms, be sure to stay right here and keep an eye out. We’ll bring you everything that we can.

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