Are you addicted to the Internet or Gaming?

Dr. Jerald Block has written an editorial where he states why he believes that Internet Addiction should be added to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V). Dr. Block is not new to this issue though, he owns a patent on technology that can be used to restrict computer access.

Most of us can be on the net or gaming a fair amount of the day. Just look at sites like Youtube, iJustin, and Twitter (tons of others) that are predicated on people just surfing and hanging out on their computer.

There are times, when I know I should be doing something else, yet I’m exploring the Internet. I go through all my bookmarked links, then I visit new links, new recommendations, next thing I know four hours have passed and it’s time for bed. My television watching is now in the background of my Internet surfing. If I hear something interesting I’ll look up.

Dr. Block has broken down the diagnosis into four components: excessive use, withdrawl, tolerance, negative reprecussions. Excessive use and withdrawl are easy enough to understand. Tolerance is the need for better computer equipment, more software or more hours of use. That is where most of us may fall in. I know that I have a problem where I have to buy a new release even if I’m backed up in my game queue. Negative response is where the addiction gets ugly.

Dr. Block releases some interesting stats from South Korea and China where gaming is incredibly popular there. So much so that 210,000 South Korean children are receiving treatment for Internet Addiction. China has started restricting computer game use to 3 hours a day. I can’t imagine a raiding guild in WoW being limited to 3 hours a day. The limit might make you more efficient in your gaming though.

You can read more of the statistics here . Dr. Block’s arguement is that the United States has no real accurate estimates for Internet Addiction. He believes that if it is added to the DSM-V, doctors can start researching the disorder and treating it.

I kindof like my “addiction” to the Internet and gaming. It keeps my mind busy and me out of trouble. I have mixed reactions to children getting treated for an Internet or gaming addiction. I think you have to look at so much more in order to diagnose. Influences like social, school, and relationship with parents. Have you known someone with a gaming or Internet addiction? Do you think they could be helped by treatme

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