Another Fresh Batch Of Final Fantasy XV Screenshots Have Released

Final Fantasy XV — Screenshots

Right off all of the Final Fantasy XV E3 coverage we have a whole new batch of screenshots for Final Fantasy XV to gaze upon outside of everything else

We certainly have been overrun by videos and gameplay for Final Fantasy XV as of late; especially with all of the E3 coverage and showings. Even with the very lackluster, in my opinion, showing that Square Enix had during the Microsoft conference to show how streamline the combat was. It sure didn’t look that way to me nor was the new Final Fantasy XV VR experience all too exciting when shown off for the PlayStation. It really felt like they were saving the best for their own show and time and it looks like we have a good chunk more now.

Below we have a plethora of new screenshots for Final Fantasy XV to add into the mix for our viewing pleasure. All of which are out of a Japanese build of the game but it does show off quite a bit more of the game’s combat and extras in the game. Also, and it seems weird to me, but it also houses a lot of butt shots for the monsters we will be killing in the game. I don’t know if that is some kind of fun joke we just don’t know about or I am looking too far into things here. I am not sure if it is good either way but it is an observation that I certainly have spotted in the mix of the summons and other events going on. Still all strikingly beautiful though.

Of course Final Fantasy XV is still slated for a September 30th release on the Xbox One and PS4. The VR aspect of the game will obviously be coming after the PlayStation VR releases and maybe when the Xbox Scorpio releases and has the ability to show everything off in VR. Of course that is if Square Enix wants to put the extra time into building for it as that is still over a year out for gamers to get their hands on. Only a few months for those picking up Final Fantasy XV on the PS4 so who knows but them at this point? It could happen.

What do you think about the new screenshots for Final Fantasy XV that we have here? What did you think about the showing of the game during the respective press conferences? Do you think there is too much of an emphasis on the monster butts here? Let us know and discuss in the comments below. As we get more on Final Fantasy XV in any form we will have it up here on the site. Be sure to stick around right here for all of those updates and new visuals to see for the game.

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