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Gears Of War 2 Invades Torrent Sites

So a new game is about to roll out and the pirates go to town trying to break the disk and get it out there for the masses. That being said, there is the 7gb torrent of the game being spread around the net for people to use for free. But that isn’t what this article is about. It’s more along the lines of what the source was going into. Piracy


So we all know it can get expensive to buy all the games that we want to play in today’s market. I know this well with all the games that are coming out this month alone. But this shouldn’t be an excuse to steal from the people that are making the entertainment that you enjoy so very much. Enough to risk federal prison to enjoy instead of the $60 that it would cost you. This goes for everything as well, not just games.

There is a reason that these games cost what they do. Because the people that make them need to eat and live in today’s market too. We are not having some unmanned machine pumping these things out for us. Real live humans. So why fuck them by taking away $60 from their possible income. It may not sound like much, but it adds up.

As of right now, there are hundreds of people seeding the above game on the net. So that’s $6000 just for a hundred people seeding. There is currently many more than that. But seeing how these sites work, that is just numbers of seeders. There are loads of people who download and then not seed. So if you assume that each of those seeders get 20 people to download and then not seed. We are looking at 2000 people that have it now. $120,000 now. That is just the cost of 2 – 3 average programmers in today’s market. So right now, these asshats could cost 2 – 3 people there jobs.

That’s just low numbers and estimates at that. Think about real world terms. It can add up to the production cost in losses just from torrents. Effectively doubling the cost to make the game now. Bullshit.


I’ll stop there since this will be the billionth time this rant has probably been brought up on the interwebs. But I hope these people get hammered for this. I feel for the designers, developers and such. They are getting robbed.

Oh, and before anyone goes off on saying well it’s there fault for making so much money and selling their product to those who may not, that is the privilege for busting ones ass to be there and making games. It is a lot harder to become a game designer/developer than most think. They earned it. I should know. Just got my degree in the field and it was extremely hard.

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