Age of Conan Beta Event

plans to conduct a PvP Age of Conan beta event for 15,000
players from April 18-20.  Conjunction with
GameSpot, so a free registration is required, as detailed
on this sign-up page.
Word is:

Durham, USA – April 9th, 2008 – Eidos and Funcom is proud to
announce a unique Beta partnership with, one of the world’s biggest
gaming websites. In a highly exclusive event, 15,000 gamers from across the
world can log in and play Age of Conan, non-stop, from Friday April 18th to
Sunday April 20th. The unique PvP weekend allows lucky gamers to test a limited
part of the PvP functionality of Age of Conan, and the two different PvP
mini-games Capture the Skull and Team Annihilation will be available.

To make the weekend even more interesting Eidos and Funcom also includes the
engaging Age of Conan character creation system, allowing players to create
avatars with strong personalities. All 12 classes in the game, including the
barbarian, can be picked and tested, with Funcom transforming each character
into a fully specced level 20 death machine. In PvP lobbies players can then
chat and socialize, prior to entering PvP matches. Participants are urged to
test different classes, and offer any feedback on the forums. There will also be
forums on where people can talk about the event, and Funcom staff
will be present to gather feedback.

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