A Tale Of Two Dragons Emerges For Overwatch

Overwatch — Dragons

The third CG video for Overwatch has been released and showcases the rivals between Overwatch’s Hanzo and Genji in a beautifully told short story

Only about a week out from Overwatch release on May 24th now and we have the third CG trailer here to show off more of the backstory on characters in the game. This time it is all for Hanzo and Genji as we see another beautifully spun tale and signs that Blizzard should be making more films along with their games. Overwatch could also make a great morning cartoon out there that we can all get behind right? For now though we will have to just take in the short clips that we are getting and then wait to make our own.

As mentioned this one is all about Hanzo and Genji and their bitter rivalry we’ve already been able to see in the game. Only here we get to learn a lot more on the two as well as who happens to be the superior warrior. Well outside of who happens to be controlling said character in Overwatch matches as that is anyone’s guess. Here we get to see what is being set as a bit of canon into the story and just how the developers see it all going down. This could be more drastic than you’ve experienced in the past.

No more prattling on here though. Have a look at the latest CG video for Overwatch just below and form your own thoughts on it all. If nothing more it is a great look at a fun story to entertain yourself with.

Overwatch — Dragons

What are your thoughts on the fun Overwatch battle here? Does it look like one was favored over the other in terms of being “bad ass” in the fight? Do you think that we should get a good video like this for all of the “pairs” in the game? Let us know and discuss as you wish in the comments below. As more on Overwatch comes out we will have it here for you. Keep your browser locked in here for more so you don’t miss out on one single thing.

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