This last weekend, I joined my fellow A-KON 19 goers in a gathering of monsterous proportions. After 3 long hours of waiting, dehydration, an upset firemarshal and plently of waiting in line, 669* of us broke the record, “MOST PEOPLE DRESSED AS VIDEOGAME CHARACTERS IN ONE GATHERING”. Now although the number was only 669*, I can assure you that the total number of people qualified at the con was in the 1,000s.

I was proud to be amongst the many who went through an afternoon of choas to get the job done. Congratulations to everyone out there who participated!! May this record last a while! ^__^

For more on the story, check out our PWNED.COM exclusive, “Breaking a World Record” later this week, where I’ll talk about how we all went about breaking it and the friends I met along the way.

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