A New Image Has Popped Up And With It Speculation For Beyond Good & Evil 2

Beyond Good & Evil 2 — Rumors

A new bit of art has popped up from the mind behind Beyond Good & Evil and it looks like it could be a tease for Beyond Good & Evil 2… or not…

You know it’s a slow news week when something like a possible tease for Beyond Good & Evil 2 can stir the pot so much. I’m not saying that it isn’t a huge thing or that I don’t care about this franchise but with all of the other things going on at Ubisoft you would think that we could see more out there. None the less though it does look like Beyond Good & Evil 2 may be getting a solid tease out there from the creator of the original as a new bit of art has popped up and it is causing all kinds of speculation. It makes sense as it has been aver a decade since the original landed and fans have been hopeful for something.

This bee hive was poked here as Michel Ancel posted a new image to his Instagram page and quoted it with “Somewhere in system 4… – Thanks #ubisoft for making this possible!” As you can see the below image does look to have a younger version of Pey’j from Beyond Good & Evil on the back of a gruff looking gentleman. That is if you buy into all the speculation here. Some of which stating that this could be a prequel to the franchise and this could be Jade’s father that is also shown here in the image. Of course there is a lot more to speculate on than just that due to this image but those are the prevailing thoughts around the web.

In my eyes though, it does look like gamers are hanging onto the thought of Beyond Good & Evil 2 being in full swing right now and that is what is going on here. It has been dictated in the past that Ubisoft is fully on board to bring the sequel or prequel when they can make sure it lives up to our standards. That said, I see this more as an artist giving thanks to the publisher for allowing the chance to create such a beloved franchise and some concept work that had yet to be seen. They aren’t the kind of people who are open to share news in this form let alone let Beyond Good & Evil 2 get a leak like this if it wasn’t sanctioned. Just my thoughts though.

What are you think here though for Beyond Good & Evil 2? Do you think this is an actual tease for something to come soon or is the speculation and want too high for people to see clearly here? Do you agree with the speculation that it could be a prequel in the works and not a true sequel? Let us know in the comments and discuss. Of course as more news breaks for Beyond Good & Evil 2, or whatever name it may have, we’ll have it here. Keep your browser locked in here as we hope to have more soon.

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