A Guild In Real Life

Cast Of The Guild At Blizzcon

So by now you should know about The Guild. If not, you either need to get learned and PWNed for being here without knowing them or watch the show. Either way will work. But in any instance, for those of you lucky enough to have got your tickets to Blizzcon this year but not lucky enough to have picked up their DVD at Comicon, or be lucky in both aspects, you will be able to meet up with them at Blizzcon. Pick up the DVD and meet and greet with the cast. You lucky sons of bitches.

All of this from on of the actor’s twitter. Felicia Day to be exact. So this is from their mouths to the interwebs to my brain and thus back to the interwebs. You will not be let down if you are one of those lucky SOBs.

Check It Out

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