It’s Time To Push A Lot More Final Fantasy XV Into Our Brains

Final Fantasy XV — Master Version Gameplay

A new gameplay video for Final Fantasy XV has been released and it shows off almost every aspect of Final Fantasy XV we have heard and then some

Yesterday we had some very sad news for Final Fantasy XV as it was delayed until November 29th. We won’t go into all the details on that as we had it all from Square Enix yesterday. One little tidbit that was nicely added in with the delay of Final Fantasy XV was the fact that we were going to get a solid new video for the game to look at as we wait. It was stated to be about a half hour long but as it turns out we have almost twice that as now we have a nice long gameplay video to look at and it has all kinds of new details.

Just a bit lower down we have another 52 minutes of gameplay for Final Fantasy XV from the recently talked about “Master Version” of the game. I was figuring it would be a small amount of story with some combat and a few other small features in the game. As I mentioned though there is everything from the core gameplay down to the mini-games we will have in the final game. That includes the fishing and camping portions we’ve seen as well as how each of the four characters on the road trip fit into the overall game. It looks like they each have their purpose in combat and story function.

Final Fantasy XV — Master Version Gameplay

I am still a bit fuzzy and not certain on how the combat will work here in Final Fantasy XV and that’s after this video and playing the demo from before. This is all more aimed toward the magic system in the game which looks like we are going to have to craft as well. I could be wrong but it looks like things will be way too hectic in the fight to accurately be able to throw your magic unless you can use the “Wait System” to aid in it. It is a weird choice that Square Enix has made and I do fear it will make the game so vastly different that most Final Fantasy will be turned off from it all.

I am glad to see just how the missions and side missions are handled in the game from this video though. It does feel a lot like an MMO more than anything but it looks like it works here. Especially for people like me who choose not to always follow the direct path and can get lost for a while before getting back on track. I mean Final Fantasy XV is kind of in that realm right now but it looks like a great addition to the title and I can’t wait for this delay to pass so we can finally all play the game in its final form. Day one patch and all…

What are your thoughts on Final Fantasy XV as it stands here now? Do you think it is odd that we still have to wait for a day one patch based on how awesome the above was? What part of the game do you think will be the best and worst when all is said and done? Let us know and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For all things Final Fantasy XV be sure to keep yourself right here as we’ll keep bringing you more as we get it. Two more months of new stuff has to be on its way doesn’t it?

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